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Making it simple for firefighters to get in the best shape of their lives.

Because being healthy and fit can be really hard, especially for firefighters, this website is dedicated to helping you learn the easiest, most effective ways to do it.

Below you will find resources that have helped thousands of firefighters get stronger, lose weight, and perform better on the job without injuries.

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FitCulture ProgramTM

A turn-key program for departments that will change your firefighters’ attitudes about taking care of themselves

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“Dr. Moore, I seriously want to thank you for the information that you are sharing. It has really played a role in allowing me to get into “fighting shape”, lose almost 70 lbs., and prepare me to return to the fire service.” -firefighter Franklin Wilson

60 Day Slim Down ChallengeTM

Join hundreds of firefighters who’ve lost weight, gained strength and are never dieting again.

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“After doing the 60 Day Slim Down Challenge, I lost 105 pounds in 18 months! I’ve completed two 5k runs recently thanks to this program! It is fantastic! Easy to follow, easy to understand and has provided me with some awesome results!” – firefighter Andy Mattox

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