How does this compare to the IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer Program?

This program is very different from the Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) program but they complement each other. The Peer Fitness Trainer program will teach 1 or a few of your firefighters the basics about exercise training. They will then be expected to pass on that knowledge by acting as personal trainers to your other members. There is no nutritional information provided.

In the FitCulture program there is extensive information about nutrition, eating habits and weight loss, along with practical lessons for how to exercise correctly (what to do and what NOT to do), how to avoid having a heart attack, and how to minimize risk of injury and chronic back pain. The information is online for all your members to access, anywhere, at any time. If they have questions, they don’t need to ask one of their peers, they can ask me.

Also, the cost of this program is much lower than the Peer Fitness Trainer Program.

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