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Get Lean: Firefighter Nutrition

You want to eat healthy so you can lose weight and have more energy, but it’s really hard. You don’t want to give up burgers and beers. And if you’re honest, you don’t always know exactly what is “healthy” to eat.

Well, I do. And it doesn’t involve tofu and granola. I’m giving you strategies to help you feel and look better that are simple and easy to implement (for FREE!)

Research shows that firefighter health is very dependent on body weight, especially when it comes to risk for heart attack. Here’s two easy strategies to lose weight without going hungry or counting calories:

Lose Weight Without Dieting by Eating These 3 Things

My #1 Tip For Losing Weight Without Changing What You Eat


Here’s another sneaky tip for keeping firefighter meals within a healthy calorie range (even if you’re eating pizza and ice cream!)

The #1 way to avoid foods that secretly have tons of calories


Overall, fire station meals and off duty firefighter food have some commonalities. Here are two key things to learn when it comes to making good choices:

Why protein supplements will make you fat

My tip for staying firefighter fit without giving up beer:)


Obviously, when it comes to nutrition for firefighters, there’s a lot of misconceptions. Here’s one common mistake I don’t want you to make:

Don’t get stuck in this common calorie trap


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