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A complete Training in Firefighter Wellness for individuals or for an entire Fire Department.

Are you a firefighter who wants to learn how to take care of yourself in the simplest way possible? You can now subscribe to this program as an individual for only $15/month. Scroll down to see what’s included and how to register.

Or are you in a leadership role, looking to improve the health of every person in your department? Watch the video below to see how this can do that, and why other things don’t work.

You can change your life or the health culture in your department with these resources. Be the start of something great.

“Dr. Moore, I seriously want to thank you for the information that you are sharing. It has really played a role in allowing me to return to “fighting shape”, lose almost 70 lbs., and prepare me to return to the fire service.” – firefighter Franklin Wilson

“It’s a fantastic series of classes. The nutrition classes have had a lot of impact on the department personnel, as well as classes about current fad/popular workouts.” -Rob Hutchens, Battalion Chief, Forest Grove Fire and Rescue

“I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. This stuff works! If everyone could just follow Dr. Moore’s teachings we would all be healthier.” -Scott Sollenberger, Big Lake Volunteer Fire and Rescue

You and your people will learn simple steps and a long term strategy to get healthier, lose weight, and avoid injury and heart attack.

Here’s how easy it is


Click “enroll now” below and pay with a paypal account or credit card.


Choose a username and password (departments will use one general username and password).


Get instant access and start improving your health and quality of life now.

In 5 minutes you’ve got access to a science-based, no gimmicks, firefighter wellness training.

Here’s what you get:

Video Module 1: Nutrition- what to eat and what not to eat if you want to live a long, disease-free life; busting many “health food” myths.

Video Module 2: Weight Loss- simple tricks to losing weight; big mistakes with easy fixes; busting myths that are counterproductive to weight loss.

Video Module 3: Exercise- how firefighters should be working out; what exercises to avoid; what really works or is just a fad when it comes to fitness.

Video Module 4: Heart Health- how firefighters’ blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and aerobic fitness affect their risk of heart attack, and what to do about it.

Video Module 5: Back Health- how the back works and how to best prepare it for the demands of the job; movements to avoid; 8 exercises to do to prevent injury.

Video Module 6: Sleep and Stress- practical tips on getting more sleep and dealing with the stress of the job.

Workouts: Different styles and levels of workouts that can meet everybody’s needs.

Recipes: No tofu or hemp seed. Just easy, healthy and delicious meals that can be prepared at home or the firehouse.

Personal guidance: Email access to Dr. Karlie Moore so firefighters can ask questions.


How does this compare to the IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer Program? 2017-11-22T14:18:17+00:00
This program is very different from the Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) program but they complement each other. The Peer Fitness Trainer program will teach 1 or a few of your firefighters the basics about exercise training. They will then be expected to pass on that knowledge by acting as personal trainers to your other members. There is no nutritional information provided. In the FitCulture program there is extensive information about nutrition, eating habits and weight loss, along with practical lessons for how to exercise correctly (what to do and what NOT to do), how to avoid having a heart attack, and how to minimize risk of injury and chronic back pain. The information is online for all your members to access, anywhere, at any time. If they have questions, they don’t need to ask one of their peers, they can ask me. Also, the cost of this program is much lower than the Peer Fitness Trainer Program.
How will I know my people are really using it? 2017-11-22T14:17:39+00:00

Many departments incorporate watching the video classes into their regular training schedule. Also, there is a quiz associated with each of the 22 classes that firefighters can complete.

Will this be applicable to my people of all different health and fitness levels? 2017-11-22T14:17:11+00:00

I totally understand that you’ve got people who really have a long way to go toward becoming healthy, and then you’ve got people who are super healthy and already feel like they know everything about it. I’ve catered my classes toward both of those people. For the less motivated, the classes are very practical and step-by-step. Each class ends with action steps that they can implement into their day immediately. For those who already know it all, I’ve made the classes extremely comprehensive. So even though I break things down into manageable chunks, there is A LOT of information and a guarantee that everyone will learn a lot.

Will this program reach THAT GUY who doesn’t seem to give a…? 2017-11-22T14:16:41+00:00

Well obviously I can’t guarantee that. BUT, I have been doing this for a long time and I KNOW the things that firefighters do not know about their health. I have a knack for teaching complicated topics in a clear, simple to understand way, and I’ve seen first hand what really gets firefighters to think differently and change their behavior. So yes, I HAVE gotten through to THAT GUY.

What qualifies Dr. Karlie Moore to offer this program? 2017-11-22T14:15:39+00:00

Most importantly – I understand the life of a firefighter as I am married to one. I’ve been helping firefighters improve their health since 2008 and have conducted thousands of fitness assessments on firefighters in addition to giving classes on all health related topics. Therefore, I know what they’re concerned, frustrated and confused about with regard to wellness. I also hold a PhD in Exercise Science and Nutrition and have focused all of my research on firefighter health.

If you do nothing, your health and fitness habits, or those of your personnel, will NOT change.

If you’re a department leader, leave your legacy by stepping up and providing your people with a progressive program that could change their lives like it has others.

For Departments: Get a 7 day FREE TRIAL, then pay $50/month

Think about it: if this program prevents even ONE single injury, or ONE sick day, it will pay for itself.


For individuals: Get a 7 day FREE TRIAL, then pay $15/month

You can share this information with your family members too. Because a strong support system is key.


Plus there’s a FREE bonus

A job-specific fitness and heart attack risk treadmill test

Following the instructions provided, firefighters will learn how fit they are and if their aerobic capacity puts them at risk for suffering a heart attack. This scientifically validated, yet simple test can be done on a standard treadmill in the firehouse, at home or in the gym. Firefighters will learn of their results immediately and if they need to take action!

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5 Lessons for Transforming the Wellness Culture in your Fire Department


“Dr. Moore, I seriously want to thank you for the information that you are sharing. It has really played a role in allowing me to return to “fighting shape”, lose almost 70 lbs., and prepare me to return to the fire service.” – firefighter Franklin Wilson

“The classes have had a lot of impact on the department personnel”

“It’s a fantastic series of classes. The nutrition classes have had a lot of impact on our department personnel, as well as classes about current fad/popular workouts.” -Rob Hutchens, Battalion Chief, Forest Grove Fire and Rescue
“Dr. Moore is awesome, she is a scientist, she understands the work of a firefighter (mental and physical), she understands fitness and nutrition. What ever level a person is at she can make a difference.” -Tom Henke, Training Lieutenant, Albany Fire

“I haven’t felt this good in 20 years.”

“I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. This stuff works! If everyone could just follow Dr. Moore’s teachings we would all be healthier.” -Scott Sollenberger, Big Lake Volunteer Fire and Rescue
“Dr. Moore, it’s great to finally get educated about food, so much crummy info out there. I’m really learning a lot from your program!” Calvin Schlegel -King County Medic

“Many times while watching the classes I thought ‘wow! I didn’t know that!”

“The content in Dr. Moore’s program is outstanding. Having a personal interest in health and fitness, I felt like I knew a lot going into watching her classes, but there were many times when I thought ‘wow! I didn’t know that!’”-David Soler, firefighter and creator of www.FirefighterToolbox.com
“The FitCulture program provides some excellent tools and resources to improve the health and well being of anyone who participates. The program is self driven which means the user can spend ten minutes or three hours learning and utilizing the tools and still come away with some great information.” -Brice Walters, volunteer firefighter, Tangent Fire

“It has definitely improved my health, fitness, and well-being overall”

“Very informative and helpful classes. It has definitely improved my health, fitness and well-being overall.” -Kevin Page, Cornelius Fire Department
“Started working on your suggestions in your classes and have to say you really motivate me! Thank you Dr. Moore!” – Sadie Bernt

“I will be working on a new lifestyle from this point forward”

“Thank you for this program…I will be working on a new lifestyle from this point forward…..disappointed that it took this long to realize I needed it….” -Doug Coyle
“In this program I have benefited the most from learning more about nutrients and where to get them from. The more information I have about nutrients the better equipped I am to make good choices. The online courses on protein, carbohydrates, and fats were really helpful.” -Cari Coll

“I really appreciated the motivational uplift!”

“The FitCulture program has given me a better understanding of nutrition (especially when it comes to protein). Thanks Dr. Moore for pushing to get us firefighters healthy and moving. I for one, really appreciated the motivational uplift!” -Richard Rock
“I think the FitCulture program is useful for us because it provides resources to those interested in digging further, while providing some motivation and even some healthy competition for crew members.” -Zach Del Nero, Corvallis fire department

“I feel like I have more energy and core awareness”

“I have especially liked the nutrition portion and meal ideas, and I also feel like I have more energy and core awareness.” Chuck DeSmith, Fire Captain, Renton Fire
“What have I liked about the FitCulture program? Pretty much the whole thing!” -Richard Giles, Captain, Newport Fire

“It’s information I can apply to my day. She makes it understandable.”

“Karlie does an excellent job creating a presentation with information I can apply to my day. It’s nice to see specific studies and how they pertain directly to firefighting. She takes the data out of it and makes it real and understandable.” – Lon Lemkau, Albany Fire Department
“I think overall the program is a good solid reminder that we need to continue our good habits or in many cases start some good habits. I like the exercise ideas but recipe and good eating plans are my favorite.” -Don Nelson, Kent Fire

“The classes taught me stuff I thought I knew, but didn’t.”

“I enjoy the information. Taught me stuff about diet and building muscle I thought I knew but didn’t.” -volunteer firefighter, Cornelius Fire Department
“Dr. Moore, you broke down the elephant into smaller pieces and I was able to focus easier. Thank you for being so consistent and encouraging!” -Becki Vonasek, Tangent Fire

“I’ve benefited from the motivation that the program has given me.”

“I’ve benefited from the motivation and accountability that the FitCulture program has given me.” -Cody Boyd
“Karlie’s classes help to simplify what the general media and infomercials try to make a mystery.” -Jon Booth, Albany Fire Department

“Excellent information with research to back it up.”

“Excellent information with research to back it up. These classes have built upon the information I’ve learned in other health and fitness courses as well as A & P classes prepping for Paramedic. Thank you for your time and efforts in this field.” -Lieutenant Rob Conrath, Cornelius Fire Department.
“Dr. Moore works with us at CFD and is by far the BEST fitness consultant we have ever had. She is the real deal. I highly recommend Fit For Duty Consulting!” – Carla Pusateri, Corvallis Fire
“I love reading all the success stories as a result of Dr. Moore and her passion! Keep up the good work & keep the stories rolling in!!” – Don Fair, Senior Safety Trainer & Emergency First Responder

The following are testimonials from the 60 Day Slim Down Challenge which includes 8 video classes, recipes and workouts, ALL OF WHICH are also included in the FitCulture program:

“I did this program and after continuing it (with very little modifications) I’m down over 105 lbs total in the past 18 months! I’ve completed 2 5k runs recently and continue to do exercises daily thanks to this program! It is fantastic! Easy to follow, easy to understand and has provided me with some awesome results!” -Andy Mattox
“This is so easy. I just buy the right foods, and it’s really not that hard to substitute something healthy. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. This stuff works!!!” -Scott Sollenberger
“When I started the program I had no faith that anything would actually happen. I THOUGHT I was eating healthy, and I was just giving in to a slowly increasing weight because of age. However, once you gave me focus through the Challenge, I now see the small tweaks that I’ve been able to make to the way I eat — and so far 16 lbs down (and another notch in the belt!).” -Micheal Setterington

“I feel much better and stronger.”

“I lost around 10 to 15 pounds and about 3-4 inches off of my waist. I feel much better and stronger. The best results are the knowledge of eating better and how to look at food labels. It’s important to get the information from someone who has training in this area and not just some guy at the gym. I liked the videos with the nutritional information and that there was live time access to them. The recipes were good also. It turned out to be a good value.” -Kevin Ritcheson
“I’m surprised at how easy it has been to incorporate not only the recipes and the workouts into my daily routine, but also the openness of my crew to buy into the challenge as well!!! Not only have I lost 12 pounds so far, I have reduced my average blood glucose readings by almost 50 points!!” -Mike Burch

“I feel more confident, less tired, and generally better.”

“I dropped 7 pounds and lost an inch on my waistline. I feel more confident, less tired, and better that I’m generally eating better. I’m cooking better at home for the family and for the shift at work. Even my kids are into it! I really enjoyed the classes, they opened my eyes to a lot of information and falsehoods! Also, I learned that I do like doing circuit training and I’m enjoying the results. I was a little hesitant about the cost at first but figured it’d be worth it (and it was!).” -Keith Hipsley
“I feared that I wouldn’t stay with it. But eating healthy has been the easiest part. Now I feel great and plan to keep this lifestyle of eating and working out. And I love the fact I can share this with others.” -Randy Hill

“It was GREAT information and well worth it!”

“It has short classes with information that is easy to understand and implement, great work outs that are easy to adapt to your personal ability level, and tasty recipes. I was hesitant about the cost but it was GREAT information and well worth it!! For all it includes, it is very reasonably priced.” -Susan Chandler
“I now feel more confident in achieving weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The advice to add healthier choices instead of eliminating current not so healthy foods was an aha moment for me. I have been on a no red meat, Atkins and MediFast diets. So I was hesitant that it would be nothing new or some crazy Tae Bo kick boxing thing. This one was unique in that you were able to apply first hand experience with firefighters and the culture. I feel those hesitations did not account for the dynamic science of modeen health and nutrition. I really liked how the program rolled out weekly. I looked forward to the emails and short video clips.”

“I was hesitant about being able to do it. But I loved everything.”

“After participating in this program I feel more capable to move efficiently. The most exciting thing I got out of it is my lifestyle change. Before purchasing the program I was hesitant about being able to do it. But I loved everything.”
“I have lost about 40 pounds. I’m down to my high school weight. I plan meals for shift and home that are now well rounded and healthy. I saw a significant drop in my blood pressure and I just took my physical fitness test and passed it with much more ease than I did in the past, because I utilize a workout routine now that doesn’t cause any other issues.” -Matthew Hoffman
“After watching Dr. Moore’s classes I was able to lose 40 pounds and I’ve kept most of it off for a year now.” -Kevin Fulsher

“the weight is literally melting off”

“Dr. Moore, I’ve incorporated what I learned in your classes and the weight is literally melting off. I’m down a total of 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Thank you!” -Sadie Bernt, firefighter wife
“I am so grateful for the challenge, it is completely unlike anything I have tried before, in a good way. So far I am loving this and I get to workout at home with my husband, which is fun!” -Kristen Nafziger, firefighter wife
“After working with Karlie on my diet I feel better, have increased strength and I’ve actually saved money buying healthy food vs packaged stuff. I would recommend her program to people who are afraid that changing their diet will require a huge change in their lifestyle because she makes it pretty easy to make good choices that are simple and reasonable, and she doesn’t demand you give up all unhealthy food.” -Charlie Severson

“the guys on my shift notice my lifestyle change and weight loss”

“I think my biggest surprise is how I get full faster. I don’t need to eat as much. Another BIG surprise is how the guys on my shift notice my lifestyle change and weight loss. They are starting to ask questions wanting to eat better themselves.” -Dwayne Murphy
“It has surprised me how easy it has been to stick with the program, try and eat new meals and “slowly” start eating better. The consistency has been awesome.” -Morgan Thomas
“Before purchasing the program I was not sure I would be able to stay with it. But I lost 6 pounds and feel more energy by eating better. The best thing I got out of the program is just feeling better about making better food choices. I wouldn’t change anything about the program and my favorite part was the classes on nutrition.” –Mike Soltwisch

“I am extremely glad I paid for the program”

“During the program I lost 12 pounds. I have lost another pound or two since but have gone down about 2 1/2 inches in my waist. I definitely feel better and being a diabetic, my blood sugars are closer to what makes my doctor happy. I don’t feel as full or bloated after I eat since adjusting my diet and portion size. I seem to have more energy on calls and working harder during training. The most exciting part of the program was how easy it was once I got into it. The workouts were as challenging as you wanted to make them yet easy to set up and start. Since like most firemen, i really like to eat and occasionally over eat. The recipes were quick and simple enough to make on shift and were well liked by the crew. I enjoyed the social part of the program as well and I am extremely glad I paid for the program.” –Mike Burch
“I really liked the video lessons and the tangible actions steps with each lesson. I lost about 7 pounds and now, even after the program, I’m paying better attention to what I eat.” -Douglas Baily

“the best benefit is my lower blood pressure”

“Even after this program is over, I’m still able to make better food choices. Long term, the best benefit is my lower blood pressure.” -Sean Hines
“I lost 10 pounds. I feel better, learned some new things and was able to put them into practice.” -Mark Kroll
“Engaging people with common goals was encouraging and the most exciting thing about the program. I connected with a group of folks who were interested in health and fitness, and I refocused on my diet and the importance of healthy habits.” –Glenn Turner

“Hearing you talk, was like you were talking just to me!”

“I’ve lost ANOTHER 16 lbs! I’ve become much more motivated and have a ton more energy! My food choices continue to improve as well! I think the most exciting thing was seeing my wife become more motivated to eat better and cook better meals. This is helping my entire family to become healthier! I was a little hesitant after seeing the exercises…..not sure if I could do some of the “yoga” type moves, but I overcame that mental obstacle quickly! The meal tips were great. The videos were helpful with tons of extra information that many times gets “looked over”. Hearing you talk, was like you were talking just to me! It seemed to make more sense.” – Andy Mattox
“Very good experience. I really liked the videos and exercises. I’m eating better, I dropped 7 pounds and I’m back in my 33″ shorts! Thanks Dr. Karlie!” – Keith Hipsley
“I took this program over a year ago and I’m still benefiting from the results. Got me started on healthy eating. Thanks!” -Mike Setterington

“I had to buy new pants because my old ones are now too big”

“I feel much more informed about my food choices and have a better understanding of food labels. So far I have lost around 10 pounds and had to buy some new dress pants for a party because my old ones were to big. I have also heard comments from friends and family about how it looks like I have lost weight. All of this is very good but the greatest benefit from this is that I feel great. Thanks.” – Kevin Ritcheson
“I lost one inch around my waist, my workouts are noticeably better with more energy. When I eat right it makes me feel better. My favorite part about the program was learning the little differences that choices make.” -Stephen Rawson
“Without changing my whole diet, I’ve been changing my lifestyle. I’m saving calories here and there and implementing the other tricks you’ve taught us.” -Tony Riofro

“I recommend this program to everyone.”

“I lost 12 lbs. and went from 34″ waist to a 31! I feel more energetic and confident. The best part is getting motivated again and regaining my physical confidence. I had reservations about putting in the time to complete the program but now I’m glad I went through it and I recommend it to everyone. The workouts were quick and the program was easy to follow.”
“I have learned that I make lots of bad choices with my food. But I can correct at least some of it. And I now know when I make bad decisions not to feel guilty about it, just keep on working knowing that every little step is better than nothing.” -Mark Kroll
“Before purchasing the program I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but Karlie did an awesome job explaining things. I lost around 7lbs. and started working out more and eating healthier. My favorite part was all the practical tips.”
“I’m feeling healthier and having more energy every day…it’s amazing, thank you!”
“Check out Fit For Duty Consulting… I’ve lost 10 lbs in 60 days on her program!” -Rob Yencopal