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The challenge starts on June 4th!

Here’s how it works:

  • Starting on June 4th, I will send you an email two times per week (for three weeks) that includes an exercise challenge and a nutrition challenge. An example might be to do 5 1-minute high intensity intervals each day.

  • For those interested, there will be opportunity to track your progress online and see the leader board (there will be a winner!), plus interact via a Facebook group where I’ll be giving away some bonus info.

  • This is totally free and you will not be asked to buy anything.

To join the 21 day challenge just enter your first name and email address below. You will then be asked to go to your email and confirm. I can’t wait to see the changes you can make in your life just by making some good choices and extra effort for 21 days!

Sorry! Registration is now closed.

“My back is a weak point for me and with the exercises from this Challenge I can feel now that my back is really better. I lost some weight also. I liked that the Challenge was built up step by step. It was simple but effective, and surprisingly easy to stick with.” – firefighter Madis Klassen