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Firefighter Fitness Assessment Tutorial

This is the in-house fitness assessment that I conduct for my local fire departments. I’ve taught other departments how to do these, and you can too!

Watch both videos, download and read the manual, and email if you need assistance.

Click here to download the complete Firefighter Fitness Assessment manual

This video shows highlights of this fitness test. Step by step instructions are in the manual (link below). Please note a few changes since filming this: 1) we now do a shoulder flexibility test which is not shown. 2) the treadmill test shown in the video is the Gerkin protocol running test but we now use the Moore protocol weighted walking test (tutorial video below) 3) Dr. Moore no longer uses a separate work so please email her personally at
This video gives step by step instructions for how to conduct the most important test in this fitness assessment: the treadmill predicted VO2max test. This is a job specific test created for firefighters that can be done on a standard treadmill.