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Get in Shape

You want to be good at your job and avoid getting injured. You value your family and your retirement, so you have a strong desire to be healthy enough to live a long life. You want to look and feel like a strong and in-shape firefighter. But staying fit takes a lot of work and can be a drag.

As an expert in firefighter fitness, I’m here to help you understand exactly what you need to do to accomplish those things, AND how to do it in a way that works for you (for FREE!)

Fitness for firefighters differs from that of the general population. Here’s what you need to know about keeping fit for duty and what workouts for firefighters should really involve:

What You May Not Know About Job Performance and Fitness

What is the Best Way for Firefighters to Work Out?

How to Train For a Firefighter Stairclimb


Getting and staying motivated to maintain a high level of fitness can be really tough. Don’t be fooled into thinking you HAVE to get into every fad firefighter workout routine. Here’s the real secret to keeping on top of your game:

Why You Should Ditch Your Gym Membership…And What You Should Do Instead

I’ve also written an entire series about the pros and cons of the following workout regimes specifically for firefighters: yoga/pilatesP90X, Circuit Training, high-intensity interval traininglong distance running, and Crossfit.


And here’s some good news: Sometimes the best workouts for firefighters take the least time.

How to Exercise If You’re Short on Time and/or Motivation


And any firefighter’s workout isn’t complete without a good warm-up. Here’s one I created specifically for my followers:

A Warm-up Fit For Firefighters


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