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Nutrition Education


I’m sure you know that heart attack is the leading cause of line of duty death among firefighters. But did you know that 4 out of the 6 major risk factors for heart attack have to do with your diet?


I’ve been doing firefighter fitness tests and teaching firefighters about health for a long time so I’ve seen the poor eating habits and high rate of obesity. That’s why I created a series of nutrition classes that any firefighter can access online. These classes are part of my FitCulture Program for Fire Departments.

These 12 classes show firefighters step-by-step the science-based way to eat healthy (no fad or extreme diets!), how to lose weight sustainably (so they can keep it off), and what exactly they need to eat to avoid a heart attack. Plus there’s 6 classes on exercise to encourage even more weight loss and even better heart health.

ps. My nutrition education is NOT a meal plan because that is the WORST way to help people lose weight. I teach people how to make small and realistic changes to their existing diet so they can lose weight and get healthier without feeling like this guy…

Strict diet



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